Cees van de Ven (JazzCase) has a good eye but also a good ear for musicians. He is a photographer and has been working solidely for a decade at the jazz and improvisation program in his Neerpelt region, more specifically at the Dommelhof domain. He does this with as much knowledge, dedication as enthusiasm and has already been able to convince a lot of amazing artist to perform there. Throughout the years, their jazz stage has surprised the jazz enthusiasts with a bold line up. At several occasions young musicians have had the opportunity of a residence to work at a new repertoire and immediately show the result at the end of their stay.

Citadelic is the anchor of el NEGOCITO Records, which focuses on concerts in the segment of alternative jazz projects, improvisation music and performance. It does this at various locations and under different circumstances. For example, there are monthly concerts at the S.M.A.K. Museum in Ghent, but there is also the festival in the Citadel Park. The central location of this park with its easy passage is the ideal place for a wider audience to get acquainted with this music. Citadelic Summer 17 also blows out 10 candles in celebration.

Considering the common interest, it seemed logical to create something beautiful together for this special occasion. Thus, 'JazzCase & Citadelic 10' became a reality with 6 outstanding projects / concerts that will take place both in Neerpelt and Ghent between the 2nd and the 4th of june. A book of photographs with portraits of jazz musicians, a CD archiving a number of concerts recorded during the 10-year JazzCase and an exhibition of 2 interesting musicians also active as sculptor-etcher-painter are undoubtedly the icing on the cake.


'Bidaye - Building Bridges'

friday 2 june 20:30 Neerpelt
saturday 3 june 20:30 Gent

friday 2 june 22:00 Neerpelt
sunday 4 june 12:30 Gent

saturday 3 june 12:30 Neerpelt
saturday 3 june 18:30 Gent

saturday 3 june 15:30 Neerpelt
sunday 3 june 15:30 Gent

saturday 3 june 12:30 Gent
saturday 3 june 20:30 Neerpelt

saturday 3 june 22:00 Neerpelt
sunday 4 june 20:30 Gent



Paul Van Gysegem
Osama Abdulrasol



10 years JazzCase at Dommelhof Neerpelt

10 years concerts at the Citadelpark Gent